Writing Prompts

Every Child a Writer prides itself on the design of the writing prompts and topics within the program. In all writing activities, the ECAW Development Team strives to ensure the following principles:

Prompts and Topics Based in Student Writing Stages
Students in the Encoding, Transitional, and Conventional Writing Stages are challenged to learn and apply a complex system of sounds, symbols, and skills. Prompts at these stages represent universal, tangible concepts based in the interests and experiences of young learners. Prompts in the Operational and Integration Stages grow in complexity and feature thought-provoking, relevant issues for young people on their way to the world of adult writing expectations.

Prompts Based on purposes for Writing
Students in ECAW schools learn to read and listen for the key words in writing prompts such as describe, explain, give reasons, tell about what happened, and convince. These words help students to identify the standards-driven purpose of their writing - leading to greater success and confidence.

Interesting, quality prompts are an essential component of ECAW instruction.