ECAW Placement Rubrics

In Every Child a Writer assessment is an ongoing, formative process used to drive instruction.

Initial student placement in the ECAW stages and products is accomplished via the ECAW Placement Rubrics.  This rubric is one of the most predictive, useful tools ever created for writing teachers.

ECAW Placement Rubric 1 is designed to pinpoint the progress of early writers and includes specific look-fors in written organization, introduction, body, vocabulary usage, primary encoding generalizations, higher level encoding generalizations, and letter formation.

ECAW Placement Rubric 2 allows for accurate student placement in the remaining stages of Every Child a Writer / Straight Up Writing. This rubric allows for deep analysis of written organization, introduction, body, vocabulary usage, sentence structure, conclusion, perspective and tense, conventions, and mechanics.

Ongoing progress monitoring assessment is accomplished using the Proficiency Validation Plan (PVP), a web-based tool for monitoring and documenting students' targets.