The Writing Process

Writing must be practiced to be mastered.  Students in ECAW classrooms write independently every day, practicing the same skills and strategies they are taught
in their daily lessons.

A meta-analysis of writing research studies revealed that students who consistently plan their writing perform significantly higher than their peers who do not. Every product in ECAW is planned.

Students engage in independent writing activities every day in ECAW.  Because students write with their teacher daily, independent drafting is purposeful and successful.

Specific revision targets based on students' current learning targets are modeled in weekly revision and editing conferences.

Editing is a part of each week's pre-publishing conference.  Both revision and editing are completed BY the student; this leads to internalizing these procedures.

Following editing and revision, students publish their best work weekly.  Teachers are encouraged to display and honor students' published products.

The writing process is a daily part of ECAW Instruction.